Chance The Rapper Makes Rolling Stone’s “Hot MC” On Their 2013 Hot List

Well Rolling Stone Magazine decided that this year’s “Hot MC” is Chance The Rapper. The 20-yearold Chicago rapper has been making some serious noise in the industry. Rolling Stone interviewed Chance and talked about a wide range of things such as his Acid Rap project, The increasing fame, working with Lil Wayne on D5 and more. Check out a few of the questions and answers below.

Does it feel like an eternity since Acid Rap?
It feels way shorter. Every day is a workday. It’s hard to explain. When you’re working on shit every day and it comes back full circle three months later, it doesn’t hit you the same way. ‘Cause it’s something I knew I was working on.

Can you gauge your increasing fame?
Definitely. I do recognize it all the time. But it’s not like . . . I don’t necessarily feed into the whole newfound-fame type shit, or feeling like a different person. If anything, it makes me realize how fleeting and unreal it all is. It’s all just about perspective. I just feel like it’s not real. It’s real, but only in the way it affects those around you. Fame or perceived success – it all comes from groupthink.

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