Childish Gambino – “Because The Internet” [Album Tracklist]

Childish Gambino recently revealed the official tracklist for his upcoming album “Because The Internet,” This 19 track project will feature appearances from Chance The Rapper, Jhene Aiko and Azealia Banks. Check out the official tracklist below and look for this album in stores December 10th.

1. The Library (Intro)
2. I. Crawl
3. II. worldstar
4. Dial Up
5. I. The worst guys (feat. Chance the Rapper)
6. II. shadows
7. III. telegraph ave. (“Oakland” by Lloyd)
8. IV. sweatpants
9. V. 3005
10. Playing Around Before the Party Starts
11. I. The Party
12. II. no exit
13. Death By Numbers
14. I. Flight of the Navigator
15. II. zealots of stockholm (free information)
16. III. urn
17. I. pink toes (feat. Jhene Aiko)
18. II. earth: The oldest computer (The last night) [feat. Azealia Banks]
19. III. life: The biggest troll (andrew auernheimer)

Vic Mensa – “Innanetape” [Mixtape]

Chicago’s Vic Mensa finally brings us his new project “Innanetape”, The 14-track project features artists such as Chance The Rapper, Ab-Soul, Hit-Boy, Rockie Fresh and more. Download this full mixtape by clicking here: [Vic Mensa – “Innanetape” [Mixtape]


01. Welcome to INNANET [Prod. by Vic Mensa. Additional prod. by Cam for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League & Peter Cottontale]

02. Orange Soda [Prod. by Cam for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]

03. Lovely Day [Prod. by Vic Mensa & Peter Cottontale]

04. Tweakin’ (Ft. Chance The Rapper) [Prod. by Michael Uzowuru]

05. FUN! (Interlude)

06. Magic (Ft. Jesse Boykins III) [Prod. by Peter Cottontale]

07. Time Is Money (Ft. Rockie Fresh) [Prod. by Boi-1nda & The Maven Boys]

08. YNSP (Ft. Eliza Doolittle) [Prod. by DJ Dahi]

09. Hollywood LA (Ft. Lili K) [Prod. by Cam for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League & Tae Beast]

10. Holy Holy (Ft. Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid) [Prod. by Cam for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Additional prod. by Peter Cottontale & Om’Mas Keith]

11. Fear & Doubt (Ft. Kenna & Joey Purp) [Prod. by Christian Rich]

12. Yap Yap [Prod. by Michael Uzowuru]

13. RUN! (Ft. Thundercat) [Prod. by Vic Mensa & Peter Cottontale. Additional prod. by Om’Mas Keith]

14. That Nigga [Prod. by Hit-Boy]


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Chance The Rapper Makes Rolling Stone’s “Hot MC” On Their 2013 Hot List

Well Rolling Stone Magazine decided that this year’s “Hot MC” is Chance The Rapper. The 20-yearold Chicago rapper has been making some serious noise in the industry. Rolling Stone interviewed Chance and talked about a wide range of things such as his Acid Rap project, The increasing fame, working with Lil Wayne on D5 and more. Check out a few of the questions and answers below.

Does it feel like an eternity since Acid Rap?
It feels way shorter. Every day is a workday. It’s hard to explain. When you’re working on shit every day and it comes back full circle three months later, it doesn’t hit you the same way. ‘Cause it’s something I knew I was working on.

Can you gauge your increasing fame?
Definitely. I do recognize it all the time. But it’s not like . . . I don’t necessarily feed into the whole newfound-fame type shit, or feeling like a different person. If anything, it makes me realize how fleeting and unreal it all is. It’s all just about perspective. I just feel like it’s not real. It’s real, but only in the way it affects those around you. Fame or perceived success – it all comes from groupthink.

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