Welcome to The Daily Loud.
This is a music website dedicated to the cultivation of hip-hop from all over the world. Founded in January of 2012 by Taylor Maglin and Jake Stotz, The Daily Loud has grown to become one of the leading hip-hop websites in the country. Premiering and promoting new artists from all walks of life, The Daily Loud aims to be your #1 source for new and upcoming hip-hop music and news.

This is just the beginning.

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The Daily Loud – @DailyLoud

Taylor Maglin – @TaylorMade_TM // Creator, Co-Owner & Co-Founder
Jake Stotz – @JakeCutsUp // Co-Owner & Co-Founder
Michael Clark – @clxrk // Reviews

5 comments on “About

  1. M.C.Charmz says:

    Great website thanks for the follow on twitter, i will follow back. Check out my tracks im an up’comming artist, i got a dope flow, much love, -CHARMZ

  2. jdobypr says:

    Diggin the blog…thanks for following on twitter I subscribed to your blog. #salute

  3. Kidd Swagg says:

    Shout out to The Daily Loud for featuring my newest video “Welcome to the Chronicles” on your site. I appreciate the look.

    Kidd Swagg

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